Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What schools do you service?

A: All schools in Madison County School district and Lawrence County School district

Q: How can I get more information about the EC counselor at my school?

A: By visiting the Our Team section of our website, you can see who the counselor is for each school.  However, you can also reach out to the guidance counselor at your school to receive more information and contact info for your school’s Enrichment Center counselor.

Q: What is the referral process?

A: Please reach out to the school counselor at your school for specific details on how the referral process works as each school is different.  If you are unable to reach him/her, please contact Sharon Willis at for assistance.

Here is a general overview of the referral process:

We can receive referrals from school counselors, teachers, school staff/administration, parents, and students themselves. For elementary and middle school students, the school counselor/administration/Enrichment Center counselor will contact the parent to provide information about the services that the EC counselor can provide. If the parent chooses to participate in the EC program then the counselor will send them additional information and confidential paperwork to complete prior to beginning services. Once all paperwork has been completed and the process explained, then the counselor will be able to begin working with the student. For high school students over the age of 14, the student can be self-referred or referred by a teacher/administrator/parent. The student will be contacted and told about the services that can be provided by the EC counselor. If the student wishes to start services they sign all the required documentation and begin meeting with the counselor.

Q: How much does it cost to see an Enrichment Center counselor?

A: Our counseling services are always FREE, and we also do not bill insurance.  Our partnerships with the schools and our many community donors make this possible!

Q: How often can a student see their Enrichment Center counselor?

A: The student will be able to see the EC counselor as frequently as necessary. We have some students who have weekly sessions and some that are able to meet with counselors every other week.

Q: Where do the counseling sessions take place?

A: In a safe and private location within school property. 

Q: What happens if/when the student changes schools?

A: If the student changes schools within Madison City or Lawrence County they will be transferred to the EC counselor on staff at that school. If a student is feeling particularly nervous about meeting a new counselor, then we will make every effort to have the former EC counselor introduce the new counselor. 

Q: Do you offer medication?

A: We do not prescribe medication. However, we provide referrals to outside agencies that are able to access and provide additional needs when necessary. 

Q: What issues/behaviors do you help with? 

A: The EC counselor is in the school to walk students through any areas of struggle.  Some of the most common issues the EC counselor may deal with are anxiety, depression, life changes, grief, trauma, behavioral concerns, self harm, parent-child relationships, self esteem, stress management, and most other common issues that a child or adolescent may face. 

Q: When do I ask for a referral?

A: We get referrals for a number of different reasons. Here are some examples: you notice an abrupt change in behavior in your student and are not sure what is going on, the child has experienced a life change recently, behavioral concerns and outbursts either at home or school, difficulty regulating emotions.  If you are questioning whether a student would benefit from our services, feel free to reach out to your school guidance counselor or an EC counselor to begin the discussion today.