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Who We Are

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Daily Mission

Partnering with schools to meet the mental health needs of our community's children.

Passionately walk with students through seasons of struggle, and equip students with tools, support, and confidence to create a brighter future.

Our Story

The Enrichment Center is a non-profit organization based in North Alabama. We began providing school-based mental health therapy services in 2016. We were born out of an increased awareness of mental health needs following a tragic event in a local school. Since entering that first school, our school-based mental health therapists have worked every day to provide students with a safe and confidential environment where they can be heard. 

Our Impact

As an organization we are providing school-based mental health therapy services in a way that eliminates many of the barriers that youth face when it comes to receiving mental health care. Some of the most common barriers include...




The Enrichment Center's services are always provided at no cost to the student or their family, and we do not charge insurance. We are located in the schools where the students are everyday, and we schedule therapy sessions during the school day, eliminating any need for additional transportation. As a result of our school based services, 25,000+ students in North Alabama have access to mental health care. 

The EC therapist at our school is phenomenal. Her expertise allows us to better meet the needs of our students...many with complex mental health needs. Her work with these students is allowing them to be successful in the classroom.

Our EC therapist  is very responsive to all the needs in our building. Both our students and teachers feel very positively abut the great need for our EC therapist. The needs of students could NOT be met without this position. 

School Faculty


We really have no idea what we would do without our EC therapist. We have noticed that there are SO many needs right now, coming out of a pandemic. While we have almost 1,000 students here at school, it is so hard to reach all of the needs. She has been a life saver...we wish we could have her full time!!

The EC program has helped so many of our students. We have watched them blossom and become better versions of themselves. It is truly a collaborative relationship between the EC therapist and the school counselor. We have the same goal for all of our students. We want to protect their mental health and discover ways to help them become successful.


As a former teacher and now a parent, I see and understand the need for mental health support in schools. Since 2018, I have had the privilege to serve our community with the Enrichment Center team and learn from its incredible leaders. As the Executive Director my goals are to move our community from awareness to advocacy for mental health support for young people and to enrich our partnerships with local schools. Our team of therapists is doing incredible work, and I know that we are only one part of the support system our community’s children need.

The Enrichment Center remains dedicated to employing knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed therapists who will provide the highest quality mental health therapy services to the students in our community. We walk with children and adolescents through seasons of struggle and work tirelessly to help them find hope during their darkest days.

I ask that you join us on our mission and come alongside our team with your support and advocacy. Together we can do more.

Allison Spratley

Executive Director

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