Young Man in Therapy

Mission • Vision • Values


Passionately walk with students through seasons of struggle, and equip students with the tools, support, and confidence to create a brighter future.


Partner with schools to provide a dedicated, full-time counselor at every school in North Alabama, and use those partnerships to create a school environment where every child has a support system and a safe place to go when facing a difficult time.


Passionate Investment, Trust, Confidentiality, Relationship, Growth, Salt & Light

Sharon Willis

As an educator for 39 years and currently the Director of The Enrichment Center, I have watched the number of students with mental health challenges increase exponentially.  As a school principal, I saw students as young as 12 trying to cope with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, suicide ideation, cutting, eating disorders, and more.  In one harrowing experience as a principal, I knelt beside a 15-year-old young man who had been shot by another 15-year-old…someone that no one recognized as “that troubled”.  


The Enrichment Center is dedicated to employing knowledgeable, caring counselors and to placing those counselors in schools in order to walk with students through seasons of struggle.  Our counselors help students find hope during their darkest days. 

Sharon Willis
Executive Director

Our Impact

  • 3,996 Total Counseling Sessions Facilitated Last School Year

  • Over 400 students supported last school year

  • Counseling Services available to over 15,000 students in North Alabama

  • 9 Counselors on staff

  • 2 School Districts Supported

Our Why

We believe the mental health of young people is one of the most important issues of today.  As one teacher put it, "If we don't take care of our kids’ mental health needs first, you can forget about teaching them in the classroom."  The struggles that children and adolescents are facing today are more challenging and complex than ever before, and we are committed to walking beside these students and providing resources for mental health and emotional support during this crucial time.

Our approach is student-focused and relationship-driven, and our professionally-trained counselors remain flexible in order to provide personalized counseling to each student they meet. Students have a variety of different needs, and our counselors are there to meet them all and provide a safe space to face their challenges and grow as individuals.

Stories of Hope

(Names have been changed to protect student identities)

Smiling Teen Boy


A young boy’s entire life was changed following the death of his father.  Without his father, financial concerns began to arise.  As a result, the young boy had to move out of his home, into an apartment, and attend a new school where he knew no one.  The amount of major life changes this child experienced was staggering.  Without the help of a trained counselor, this boy’s life could have spiraled out of control.  While grieving the loss of his father, he was also dealing with the anxiety, loneliness, and sadness of his new life and a new school.  Fortunately, this young boy’s new school had an Enrichment Center counselor available to help him.  Together they worked through the grief process.  The EC Counselor helped him through all of the daunting changes in his life so that he was able to end the school year as a happy, well-adjusted student.  The relationship with his Enrichment Center counselor and the work they did together gave him hope that life could go on.