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2022-23 School Year


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What is The Enrichment Center?

The Enrichment Center is a non-profit organization located in North Alabama. We provide school-based mental health therapy services in four school districts.

  • Our services are always provided at no cost to the students or their families, and we do not bill insurance.

  • We provide therapy sessions in the schools, during the school day. This eliminates the need for transportation, which is one of the major barriers for mental health care.

  • Teachers, school counselors, administrators, & parents can connect students with services in their school.

  • Through our relationship with the schools, we are able to provide resources and training for teachers, parents, and students in the community.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our approach is student-focused and relationship-driven. Our therapists are there to meet students where they are and provide a safe space to face their challenges and grow as individuals.

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