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Story of Hope

“My child’s father suffered from a severe case of PTSD, and when he hit a very low point, he walked away from the kids and me.  My youngest was too young to really be affected, but my oldest boy was devastated.  We all needed counseling, and I couldn’t afford any of it; so I did my best with self-help books and lots of nurturing.  My son was a complete mess.  He went from being a happy, generally peaceful, genuinely helpful child, to a moping, whining, angry terror.  Perpetual pessimism.  Outbursts of rage.  Lashing out at me with incredible violence.  Threats of self-harm and suicide.  He was only 6 years old.  I reached out to the school and, sure enough, we not only had a school counselor that could talk with him weekly, but we also had access to an Enrichment Center counselor that could also work with him a couple times a month.  On campus, during school hours, free of charge.  I don’t have words for how much The Enrichment Center program means to me and my son.  We went from struggling to self-help ourselves through it, squeezing therapy sessions in when my income would allow it; to having access to legitimate support systems with trained professionals - all of whom were working together to help my son feel the sun on his skin again.  He is doing much better now - having meltdowns and outbursts once or twice a week instead of several times a day, and he now spends about half his time smiling and laughing, something he had seemingly forgotten how to do.”

Our Mission

To passionately walk with students through seasons of struggle and to equip students with the tools, support, and confidence to create a brighter future.

What makes our school-based program special?

  • Transportation, one of the greatest barriers to counseling services, is already arranged.

  • Our services are always provided at no cost to the student or the family because we believe that every child deserves access to counseling without the financial burden.

  • We do not bill insurance, so we can meet with students the moment they need us and as often as they need us.

  • Teachers can recommend counseling right away when they believe one of their students needs our help.

  • By developing a relationship with the schools, we can provide resources and training for teachers, parents, and students in our community.

  • When children and teens know counseling is confidential, easy to access, and stigma-free, they are more likely to seek help when they need it.  Otherwise, 75% of children who need help will suffer in silence.

Support the cause

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In order for us to continue our mission and provide this necessary support for free to students, we need your help!

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